Sunday, 8 January 2012

Tree Pendants

I saw a couple of examples of this in various Jewellery magazines and thought I'd have a go myself! I think it needs a bit of work but it's definitely a start!
I started with a small black tree here:
This was using 0.3mm wire however I think this was too thin and so doesn't really look that great, so then I tried using some purple wire which was 0.6mm which worked better (I added a few crystals to this one) but I'm wondering if maybe this was a bit thick?

So next I might see how the 0.4 wire goes as that is in the middle!  But I'm really enjoying playing with wire at the moment after going on a course and have made some lovely flowers which I'm really happy with:

So many exciting new things and things to play with!!
Speak soon
Nat -x-

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